How to build a profitable six-figure creative agency in 6 months
(with NO offices, NO big teams and ONLY working 5 hours a day)
How to build a profitable six-figure creative agency in 6 months
(with NO offices, NO big teams and ONLY working 5 hours a day)
Hey agency owner 👋🏾
If you’re currently struggling with finding high-end clients, not sure how to build your team, and having a hard time scaling your agency… then I have some news for you...
We've been going about this agency thing all wrong!
What if I told you there was a way to automate your sales so that you consistently find $10k+ clients, without EVER needing to make a cold call?.

Or what if I told you there was an easier way to build your team without EVER having to worry about missing payroll?...

What if I told you that in the next few months, you can build a thriving agency that is stress-free, location-independent, and that pays you 5-figures a month?...

Still with me?
Well, keep reading because I’m going to show you exactly how I’ve done it and how I've helped 100s of agency owners build profitable, scalable, and sustainable creative agencies.
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For me, it all started in December 2013, when I laid off my entire team and decided to shut down my agency...
"Hey guys... the two week unpaid break that we all had to take... unfortunately it’s going to have to be permanent."
That was the hardest email I've ever had to write in my professional life…

The design agency that I started 4 years prior (as a young, wide-eyed creative) had actually failed.

Growing up, you always hear things like "hard work pays off"… but I was the hardest working person that I knew!…

…and I still failed.

People also say things like "if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together"… but I had a whole team and a whole office…

…and I still failed.

Shortly after sending that email, I fell into deep depression. I was sad, I was embarrassed, and I was scared.

"What am I going to do next?"
"Are people going to think I’m a fraud?"
"How could I let the business fail like that?"

For the first time in over 4 years, I went to to see who was hiring…


That was literally one of the worst months of my life.

Not only was I NOT okay with my entrepreneurship journey ending… I was also NOT okay with how it actually got here.

I mean, yes, I didn’t have much experience… but I did every single thing they said to do on Google—

...I went to networking events
...I did speaking engagements
…I did chamber of commerce events
…I shared “my story”
...I sent cold emails
...I tried Facebook ads
...I tried blogging
…I tried Fiverr
…I tried everything!

And although a few clients did come (here and there)... was never predictable, sustainable, or scalable.
Then... I had a great idea.

"I’m going to hire people."

🙄 *rolls eyes*

Clearly I had no idea what I was doing…

But nonetheless, I hired people, started building a team, and got me an office…

(It all made sense in my head)

Besides, "If you LOOK like a big agency then you’ll actually BE a big agency…"


I mean, it had to be right. There’s a whole quote that says it. It’s like "dress for the job you want" or "fake it till you make it" or something like that.

Either way… it didn't matter. None of it worked.
I was under charging, under delivering, and un-happy!
I didn’t know how to manage a team, I didn’t know how to find good clients, I didn’t know how to scale… nothing.

Plus I was working 20 hours a day.

It was a disaster.

I spent most of my days thinking about...

...How I’m going to take care of payroll?
...How do I go about increasing our prices?
...Do I have any more credit cards I can use to charge myself to get some cash?
...Oh sh*t rent is due tomorrow!

Oh and the bills… lol… we were soooooo behind on the bills…

I was literally robbing Peter to pay Paul, but then realized I couldn’t even pay Paul with Peter’s money because I had to pay employees, rent, internet, tax, blah blah blah.

So long story short... we ran out of money.

And that’s when I emailed my team and said…

"As you know, we sent 3 proposals out last week and we’re supposed to hear from them within the next 2 weeks. Until then, we’re going to all have to take a mandatory 2-week unpaid break until we hear back from them."

That two-week break eventually became permanent.

Believe it or not, behind the sadness and depression, I actually felt a little relieved.

I initially got into this thing to do what I love (which is design) but instead, most of my time was spent putting out fires and trying to grow the agency.
That’s why I was relieved to be shutting down my agency...
But, in the process of shutting it down, I saw her… there she was… HOPE. Maybe it was pride or maybe I’m just hard-headed but, for some reason, I was NOT ready to give it up.

So instead, I decided to do some soul-searching to figure out what I was doing wrong and what I needed to correct.

After a few days of reflecting, that’s when I realized what the problem was…

"I was really GOOD at designing, but I was really BAD at business."

Plain and simple.

I’m talking about finding clients, hiring employees, managing money, creating systems, etc.

I didn’t know any of it.

And who could blame me? I didn’t start a creative agency to do business stuff… I started a creative agency to do… CREATIVE stuff.

Either way, if I wanted to take another stab at this agency thing, then I needed to turn things around for myself.

So I went to work.

I read every single business book I could get my hands on, I attended every business event I could afford, I invested in courses, I took a closer look at our numbers, so much more…

All so that I could learn the business side of creativity.

It took a few months but I eventually started figuring out this business stuff…

We went from charging $2k to charging $10k+.
We went from spending 15 hrs on proposals to 3 hrs.
We went from no clients to way too many clients.
That year, we closed $10,000 projects, $15,000 projects, and even a $25,000 project.
Fast forward to today, we’re now working with companies like McDonald’s, CVS Pharmacy, Marriott, Tidal, SoulCycle, AmEx, Disney, and so many others.


Because I figured out the three things that were holding me back from building my dream agency…

An agency that:

...lets me work from anywhere in the world.
...lets me choose my clients.
...pays me 5-figures a month.
...allows me to get health/life insurance.
...allows me to have savings and investments.
...allows me to go on vacation.
...and that gives me FREEDOM.

These are three lessons that every single agency owner need to know and understand in order to build a stress-free, profitable, and sustainable agency.

They are false beliefs that we all need to shed.

They are...
You don’t need a big office or big team to build a profitable agency.
I used to think that in order to charge $10k / $20k for our services, we needed to appear bigger. But we actually don’t. Clients don’t care about that.

The ONLY thing that matters is that your clients believe that you truly understand their problem and that you can actually solve it with your services.

So I scaled back.

Picked a very specific niche. Picked a few services. Picked a few team members. And charged a lot of money.
You can build an incredibly successful team without ever needing to worry about payroll.
At our largest, we had a team of 10 people working out of 3 offices.

From outside looking it, we looked successful but on the inside, I was struggling to pay people and make the numbers work.

I ended up getting credit cards to pay employees… got loans to pay employees… went into crazy debt… and eventually had to lay off my team and start over (you know the story).

It’s all good because starting over allowed me to figure out a new way to build my team… and I call it the Avengers Agency Model.

Here’s how it works.

Traditionally, smaller agencies are known to be quick and nimble. They can get work done fast and often times they’re pretty affordable. The only problem is, they tend to have limited capabilities.

Larger agencies, on the other hand, are much slower and they’re pretty expensive. But, they tend to have a larger team with tons of expertise… which means they can take on larger projects.

But what if there was a way to stay small and nimble while also building your team so you can close larger projects?

That’s where Avengers Agency Model (AAM) comes in.

It’s simple. You ditch the titles and hierarchy and instead of hiring employees (W2s), you partner with other freelancers (1099s) to build out your services. This way, you get the flexibility of being a small agency with the expertise and capabilities of a larger agency.

For example, our web development agency charges $15k minimum and has a 10 step process for completing projects. 

They are:

1. Setup
2. Discovery
3. Sketch & Wireframe
4. Content Organization
5. Design & Prototype
6. CMS Integration
7. Development
8. Testing & Finalization
9. Launch
10. Post-Launch

Instead of hiring full-time employees to do the work or instead of doing the work myself, I work with a group of talented freelancers (aka avengers) who takes over each of my stages.

So for example…

1. Setup (me)
2. Discovery (Brandon)
3. Sketch & Wireframe (Brandon)
4. Content Organization (Nneka)
5. Design & Prototype (Brandon)
6. CMS Integration (Jayson)
7. Development (Jaeyson)
8. Testing & Finalization (Tim)
9. Launch
10. Post-Launch (Jayson)

With all of that, I still manage to keep 70% profit on projects like these.

When the project is done, everyone goes about their way.

And when we have a new project, we assemble the avengers… get it?

It’s similar to what general contractors do.
You don’t need a million dollar agency to be happy or fulfilled!
Take a look at these two agency owners and tell me which one you’d rather be.
Agency makes $1.2M a year
Has a team of 10 full-time employees
Works 16 - 18 hours a day
Makes $12,000 a month profit (after taxes)
Stressed TF out

Agency makes $192k a year
Has NO full-time employees and 2 contractors
Works 4-6 hours a day
Makes $8,000 a month profit (after taxes)
Livin' La Vida Loca
Which one would you rather be?

Turns out, most of us don’t care about becoming millionaires.

Because although the first owner makes $4k more than the second owner, he/she/they’re working 60 more hours per week.

They’re effectively profiting $37.5 per hour while agency owner #2 profits $100 per hour.

Most of us, agency owners, aren't looking for millions. We just want to be able to work when we want, doing what we want, how we want, with who we want, where we want.

All while still making enough money to take care of our family, our health, and our future.
We don’t want million dollar agencies… we just want our FREEDOM!
These three lessons saved our agency and saved our lives.

I’ve spent the last few years applying these three lessons and mastering this new non-traditional way of building agencies...

I’ve even started (and sold) a few other 6-figure creative agencies using this same model.

It’s a completely new way to build an agency and I call it THE CREATIVE FREEDOM AGENCY model.

In the last two years, I've taught hundreds of other creatives build their own profitable 6-figure agency using my model.
And today, I want to show it to you...
Hi, I’m Jacques (like Jacques Cousteau, the old French guy that… nvm you don’t know him)

I’m an entrepreneur, designer, and college professor.

I spent the last 12 years starting, growing, and selling multiple creative agencies.

Today, I run 4 six-figure agencies that have given me the freedom to work WHEN I want, WHERE I want, and with WHOM I want.
If you’ve read up until this point, I can only assume that you have (or plan to launch) an agency and you’re looking for non-traditional ways to scale your agency so that you can have more time, more money, and actually more fun.

If that’s you, I want to introduce you to CREATIVE FREEDOM.


creative freedom


It's like business school, for creatives.


1. THE COURSE ($8k value)
High quality, concise, and very easy to watch videos that shows you step-by-step how to gain your creative freedom. 

Join me in my studio as I talk you through all aspects of building your creative agency from getting started all the way to selling your agency.
2. THE COMMUNITY ($2k value)
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Our community is a private community with other like-minded creatives on the own creative freedom journey. The community is there for you when you need feedback, resources, or a partner to assist you in a project.
3. THE COACHING ($3k value)
Maybe you’ve watched one of the videos and have a follow up question. Maybe you have a client meeting and you want me to review your proposal.

Twice a month, I’ll be hosting LIVE video calls to answer all of your CF questions. Calls are recorded and are made available so you can always revisit them.
Sometimes you know what you want to say but don’t have the words. Other times you have the words but you’re not sure if they’re the right things to say.

That’s why the program also comes with templates that I’ve used to close multiple 5-fig projects the last 10 years.

These are email scripts, proposal templates, contracts, etc.

Jacques, you are a GENIUS! Speaking of value, this conversation we just had was literally worth $1 million dollars. To be able to gain access to your 11 years of experience is invaluable.

Kemberly Eliscar
Founder, Cultured & Coded

Closed a $10k project using Creative Freedom's pricing & positioning methods.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, when you invest in Creative Freedom, you’ll also receive CF swag (shirt, mug, etc) which will motivate you and keep reminding you of the end goal.

You'll also receive 2 free months of Skillshare plus other perks.
Here's what you'll learn
Getting Started
Intro to the CF program
5 rules you must always follow
Creating your CF business plan
Setting your goals
How to name your company 
How to create your logo
How to create your website
How to find your NICHE (preview)
How to come up with your services
How to come up with your prices 
Finding clients
The formula for finding clients
How to establish sales goals
How to create customer persona
The 5Ps of finding clients

Securing the bag
How to qualify leads
How to have the first conversation
How to show the client your value
How to write a project proposal
How to present a proposal
How to close the deal
Managing projects
How to plan for the project
How to keep the client happy
How to hire external contractors
How to give the client updates
How to bill the clients
How to re-sell to the client
Managing money
The CF Revenue Breakdown
How to manage the company's money
How to manage your personal money
How to save for retirement
How to go about doing your taxes
Tools & banks to use
Scaling your agency
How to grow beyond CF
How to quit your job and go full-time
How to serve multiple niche
How to attract bigger contracts
How to build a team/office
The types of people you need to hire
How to be a great CEO
Mindset tips to overcome fear
How to overcome imposter syndrome
Books and resources
Other ways to make money
How to get health insurance
Cost & Profit analysis
Customer persona template
Value conversation script
Outbound reach out script
NICHE diagram
Watch the course intro video
Still on the fence?
Well, there's more.
Our strategies are timeless, but platforms do change. So, we'll continually update CF free of charge.
Creative Freedom is 3 years in the making; backed by 10 years of experience.
If you don't find enough value in the program for your investment, request a refund within the first 30 days.
HURRY! Your space is reserved for...
learn to start, grow, and scale your FREELANCE agency... all while working on your own terms, time, and place.




No need to take my words for it
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Reekah, Designer
Eric, Designer
Syd, Marketer
Anthony, Developer
Corhinn, Developer
Creative Freedom is currently only available to beta students. Beta students will get immediate access to modules 1 - 6 to start building their creative agencies. They will also get weekly 1-to-1s for a month.

Creative Freedom cost $3500, however, beta students can get access to the course for $997 (for a limited time). Plus, 30-day money back guarantee.
Are you ready to build your profitable creative agency?
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