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A Coaching Program Helping Creatives Build Profitable, Sustainable, and Scalable Creative Agencies.

Building a creative business is hard

And if you’re a freelancer you know far too well just how stressful it is to constantly be on the hunt for new clients. Or even how annoying it is to try generating more clients when you’re already busy with other activities–like doing the actual work.

Agency owners have a more complex problem.

Unlike freelancers, you have no problems getting to the bag. You know how to get clients on-demand, but somehow always end up biting off more than you can chew. Putting you in the stressful predicament of working 14-hour days just to ship work.

What you need is a proven system, a coach to help you implement it, and a safe space to talk with like-minded professionals who are on a similar path.

Everything you need to level up your creative business.

Our collective mission is to make work optional. Why? Because you deserve it...

For Creatives

As a creative, you have a particular skill-set that you’ve gotten really good at. But you don’t yet know how to turn your skills into income. Our programs will help you:

  • Learn how to start making money from your passion.
  • Finally earn your first $1,000 dollars online (and then scale up)
  • Learn a system to start getting clients repeatedly

For Freelancers

Feast and famine cycles are the normal experience for most freelancers. I’ll show you how to end those ups and downs for good. Our program will teach you how to:

  • Get clients on demand (and only work with the ones you want to)
  • Charge what you’re actually worth (2x-10x more than you charge now)
  • Get clear on your perfect client (and make your jobs easier in the process)

For Agencies

Most agency owners have a love/hate relationship with their businesses. They love the money but hate the hours. But with our system, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Systematize your business so you can leave (without sacrificing income)
  • Hire (and keep) the best talent around the world
  • Finally, make work optional (so you can work when you choose to)

Our collective mission is to make work optional. Why? Because you deserve it...

What our students say

Hi, I’m Jacques!

I’ve been through the feast and famine cycles that many freelancers go through. And I eventually made it through to the other side where I was able to get clients on demand and build a thriving agency.

And I’ve also experienced the struggles of being a new agency owner. Not knowing how to hire, delegate, or scale my business without working around the clock.

My hope for building Creative Freedom is to help you do exactly what I did–make work optional.

Let me teach you all the business stuff so you can get back to doing the work you love

Creative Freedom is currently only available to beta students. Beta students will get immediate access to modules 1 - 6 to start building their creative agencies. They will also get weekly 1-to-1s for a month.